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Officer Tilghman Smith's Police Unity Tour

Mayor and Chief:
I wanted to share a little bit about the 2017 Police Unity Tour. My 260 mile bicycle ride with Chapter IX was nothing less than incredible. It was a very inspiring experience. I met a girl whose father, an Upper Darby Police Officer was killed in 2002 when she was only 10 years old. She traveled with us as a survivor. It makes your heart break to listen to her talk about it... everyone had a connection to line of duty fatalities. Some more than others, but a common theme. When we hit DC and our numbers grew from 160+ to thousands, the swell of emotions was incredible. Our ride down the city streets was amazingly quiet with hundreds of onlookers. At the arrival ceremony at the center of the memorial an officer sang the National Anthem. With thousands of spectators it was so quiet you could hear only a baby making little noises from clear across the masses.
Now, I'm sick as a dog . No doubt from the rain and cold on Thursday's ride, but I wouldn't change a thing... Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful. Friday was overcast but perfect riding weather and only started raining after we arrived at the memorial. It was a tremendously humbling experience.
We stopped at several departments in PA, DE and MD and a few locations where officers had been killed where we conducted ceremonies and flower drops. I attached some associated pictures and the memorial card I carried for WCO David Grove that I carried. If you are interested in any other videos or pics that updated the tour, there's a face book page that had posted… Just search Police Unity Tour - Chapter IX. Your support and donations meant a lot to me.

Thank you.
Tilghman Smith